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Landscape Lighting Can Add Nighttime Curb Appeal and Safety to Your Property

A well-planned landscape lighting scheme can add nighttime curb appeal and safety to your South Western Ontario property. Several lights are available, including strands and on-ground stakes that connect to a transformer plugging into an outlet.

Landscape Lighting

Lamp-ready fixtures take a bulb so that you can customize brightness (lumens), color temperature, and beam spread. Uplighting highlights dramatic shapes on taller structures or trees. Contact Landscape Lighting Orlando, FL for professional help.

When a residential landscape lighting plan includes illuminating pathways, the goal is not just to add beauty, but to offer safety and security as well. An adequately lit pathway helps keep loved ones and guests safe from unintentional trampling of plants and other features, while allowing them to enjoy the ambiance you’ve worked so hard to create on your property at night.

Pathway lighting also offers the unique opportunity to incorporate a variety of different styles. If you’re interested in something more classic, we offer fixtures with a simple style that won’t clash with your existing garden design or architectural style. The LED Bollard, for example, emits a soft light with no harsh shadows, making it ideal for highlighting the beauty of your plant life without overpowering it.

If you have a more modern design, you may prefer to use a fixture with an eye-catching, bold look. We offer a range of designs, including the popular “Prism” style that’s a beautiful alternative to a traditional bollard. The Prism features a bold, hexagonal shape and a vibrant copper finish that will patina beautifully as it ages.

Another great option for a more contemporary design is the “Midnight Star” path light, which offers a sleek, minimalist form and subtle illumination. It’s perfect for illuminating more edgy elements like the underside of a tree canopy or dramatic sculptures. This type of lighting can really bring out the best in your home’s architecture and create a gorgeous contrast with the rest of the yard.


Landscape lighting adds beauty to your outdoor space and helps you enjoy it well after the sun goes down. It also increases safety and security by illuminating walkways, stairs, and any other potential hazards in your yard. Illuminating paths can prevent people from tripping or falling over obstacles that might be difficult to see in the dark, making your property safer for you and your guests.

Deck lights illuminate outdoor seating areas, hot tubs, and other amenities to extend entertainment into the night. They can also highlight architectural features like a pergola or retaining walls that draw the eye to unique aspects of your landscape design.

There are many different lighting strategies that can be used for decks and other hardscape surfaces. One strategy is to graze light across the surface, which can make textures and patterns stand out with dramatic effects. Another strategy is to use spotlights to illuminate a plant, statue, or other landscape feature. This highlights the shape and color of these elements, bringing attention to their details and creating a focal point.

Finally, a third way to highlight decks is to accentuate their railings and posts with lights. This can create a warm, inviting atmosphere and can highlight decorative elements in your landscaping design, like flowers or shrubs.

No matter what you choose to do with your deck, proper maintenance is key. Keep your lighting fixtures clean to ensure that they continue to deliver the bright, even illumination you’re after. Change out old bulbs with LEDs that offer lower power consumption and better durability. These lights also operate at a much lower temperature, which reduces energy costs and protects the integrity of your deck’s structure.


A well-appointed patio is the ideal place to entertain friends and family. Landscape lighting adds value to your backyard by extending those entertaining hours and giving you a true outdoor living area that can be used year-round.

Patio landscape lighting focuses on accentuating the features of your outdoor space, such as trees, plants, or other structures. Using the highlighting technique, lights are placed at varying distances from the object you wish to highlight to create unique lighting effects. Silhouetting is another popular landscape lighting technique that uses a narrow beam to create a dark outline of the object, which can also be useful for drawing attention to a unique garden plant or urn.

If your patio features a fire pit or grilling area, you may want to install recessed lighting under the work surface. This helps prevent tripping hazards and ensures that your family members and guests can easily see their surroundings at night.

Another common patio landscape lighting technique is to use uplighting to illuminate the underside of your patio cover or the eaves of your home roof line. This type of lighting is a great way to show off your home’s architecture while creating a welcoming feeling for guests after dark.

A beautiful patio isn’t complete without proper lighting for safety and security. Investing in a professional landscape lighting company with years of experience will help avoid the many mistakes that do-it-yourself options often make, such as overlighting and blinding people with lights pointing in the wrong direction. The right landscape lighting can also improve your property’s curb appeal and help it stand out on a crowded block. In addition, landscape lighting can help reduce the chance of injury caused by trips and falls on hardscape surfaces.

Outdoor Kitchens

Today’s outdoor living spaces often feature outdoor kitchens, dining areas and bars. These are the perfect places for enjoying time with family and friends after dark. However, without the proper landscape lighting, they can be difficult to use at night.

A well-lit outdoor kitchen provides the right ambiance for entertaining and creating memories, so don’t skip the landscape lighting in this area. A well-lit kitchen makes it easier to cook and serve food, and it also helps guests navigate the area at night. In addition to overhead lights, stair and tread lights are important landscape lighting options for your outdoor kitchen area. These types of lighting fixtures are installed under the stairs and focus downwards on the steps, eliminating potential trip hazards for guests. They are a simple way to add safety and style to your outdoor kitchen.

Wall torches are another option for your outdoor kitchen lighting. These are a great way to add a bit of elegance and old-world charm, especially if you choose ones that look like traditional torches but have modern bulbs and lighting. You can also opt for sconces, which are wall lights that typically shine upwards and illuminate the upper parts of your outdoor space. They can also be used to light up trellis and other decorative greenery in your landscape.

When it comes to lighting your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to keep in mind that the lighting shouldn’t be too bright, as this can cause glare when cooking or eating and may even cause the food to burn. Instead, go for a warm white or yellow light to create the right ambiance and avoid putting your guests in discomfort.


Lighting your entrances adds a touch of charm that’s sure to impress your guests. It helps to highlight any obstacles or tripping hazards, but it also makes your property more attractive. In addition, well-lit entrances can deter criminals from targeting your home.

Aim for a balanced lighting design. Satisfying beauty, safety and security goals may sound difficult, but working with a professional lighting designer can make it easier to accomplish your vision. The first step is to identify the most essential areas you want to illuminate – pathways, entryways and other focal points. This will help you allocate your budget more effectively and ensure a proper lighting plan for your entire landscape.

You can use a variety of landscape lighting techniques to enhance the appearance of your front yard. For instance, uplighting or moonlighting can spotlight trees, trellises, fountains and other unique landscape features near the front of your home. Similarly, ground beams can highlight statues, sculptural fountains and other features in your garden. You can also use grazing, silhouetting and other lighting effects to create a more natural atmosphere in your backyard.

Attractive landscaping adds value to your home, boosting its resell price and making it a more desirable place for prospective buyers to live. However, many homeowners do not realize that proper landscaping lighting is just as important for security and safety. Proper lighting can deter burglars and improve the safety of your family, friends and neighbors. The proper landscape lighting also makes it safer to move around at night and prevents accidents caused by tripping or falling over obstacles. With these benefits, it’s no wonder that quality landscape lighting is a must for every home.